dinsdag 16 juni 2015

Grosse is grand

Katharina Grosse @ König Galerie, St, Agnes church
Part of the appeal of the Berlin art scene are its spaces. Sometimes hidden somewhere on the fourth flour. Sometimes all the way in the back of a parking lot. And sometimes in incredibly beautiful (old) buildings that got a new purpose. Like the Kindl Brewary in Neuköln, now a center for contemporary art in the making. Or the St. Agnes church in Kreuzberg, now home to the König Galerie. And there is a grand exhibition to be found there.

It's called The smoking kid and shows "paintings" by German artist Katharina Grosse (1965). Her canvases are build up out of colorful layers. Each layer is torn up, so that the layer below is visible, Like getting rid of wall paper which sometimes means being confronted with layers and layers of old wall cover.
overview Katharina Grosse @ König Galerie

Put together, all these layers provide a time capsule. They are the reminder of an earlier state. Now all that is left of this state, are fragments. Fragments of stories, captured in one frame. Their size makes that you can drown in these multiple story canvases. You can even choose, do you want to observe one story at a time or let yourself be swept away by their totality.

Katharina Grosse @ König Galerie
On view until the 21th of June 2015

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