donderdag 21 augustus 2014

Winner! ding-ding-ding

There is a new art festival in town; the Project Space Festival Berlin. It features one project space, every day in august. The space in question organises an event or an exhibition, often accompanied by a performance, food and music. The press is unanimously positive. It is so popular that it has become one of the most documented festivals in Berlin at the moment. The Project Space Festival seems to be an absolute winner. How to explain this success? At the basis of all this lay three ideas that are absolute genius.
1. The concept of the festival. To introduce to art lovers one project space per day is the first absolutely genius move. No rushing from one space to the next, as in for example Gallery Weekend.  Do you know the feeling of an art-overdose? Trying to see as much art in one day as possible, coming home thinking what the peep have I seen, my head is pounding from too much art. Getting annoyed because there is so much more to see, but no more time (or no more you). Nothing of all that. One event. Every day. Time to prepare. Full concentration. Go!

Crowd @ Kinderhook & Caracas
2. The time frame of the festival is genius. Because of the duration of the festival, the whole month of august, you can be part of it. Even though you’ve heard about it only yesterday, you still can participate. And with all this press, it has become really difficult to miss this one. This buzz (where is what going on with who?) versus anti buzz ( ah, there is an event tomorrow as well? and next week also? nice..) is kind of relaxing.

Tour @ Kleine Humboldt Galerie
3. The timing is awesome. August is a great month for an art festival, because there is none. Most of the galleries are on ‘sommerpause’ in august. The Project Space festival can now also work as warm up for abc in september. Furthermore, august is a lazy month, people are not yet on full speed and have time to go to an art event on a monday night. And of course, there is a pretty good chance for good weather.

die raum

To summarize: I. love. it.

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